The Wrong Post Could Cost You Your Dream Job… How to Fix It!

Your social media could cost you your dream job

Did you know that every two in five employers admit to scanning job applicants’ Facebook profiles to determine their decision in the hiring process?! No lie! According to a survey of 2,303 hiring managers, almost 40% say they utilize social networking sites to background-check prospective employees. Wouldn’t you love a way to quickly find and eliminate those incriminating status updates? Well, now you can… [Read more...]

3 Major Things Wrong With Your LinkedIn Profile

8 things wrong with your linkedin profile

You may still be a student, but that doesn’t mean your LinkedIn profile isn’t important. In fact, it’s very important to your future success. [Read more...]

What Will Your Business Degree ROI Be, and Does it Matter?


Figuring out the value of a college education isn’t something that’s cut and dry, but a new rankings list is trying to do just that with business and economics degree programs. recently released its top 25 based on the potential earnings of graduates using data from

The full list is here, and we’ve highlighted the top 10 for you below… [Read more...]

Is Liberal Arts the New Practical College Major?


We write a lot on this blog about which degrees are most likely to garner the best earnings; which industries have strong employment projections; and why it’s important to consider your educational pursuits carefully so that you’re getting the best educational value. When it comes to liberal arts (full disclosure: I was an English major), most people assume that there is no direct correlation between the degree and the career path. How many time do English, arts, and psychology majors, for instance, hear: “What are you going to do with that degree? Wait tables?” [Read more...]