The 4 Scariest Things About Being an Adult Student

Dawn Papandrea | September 23, 2015

shutterstock_73536628If you’ve been thinking about going back to school as an adult, you might be worried it will turn into a fright fest. It’s certainly no easy decision when you consider some of these scary things about being an adult student, but with careful planning, you can conquer your classroom demons…

Your classmates (and some professors!) are so young they consider “Saw” a horror movie classic. Having grown up with Michael Myers and Freddie Kreuger, you sometimes worry you’ll feel out of place as the oldest student in the room.

Fear not: There are more and more nontraditional students filling the seats in college classrooms these days, especially for classes that are given during evening and weekend schedules.

Those test day nightmares will come back. You know the ones — you’re sitting at your desk (probably in your underwear), and are given a test that you totally forgot about and you begin to panic.

Fear not: Having anxiety when you take on a new challenge — like heading back to school — is inevitable, but you can overcome it with support from others. Colleges and career schools alike offer a variety of support staff to help with concerns ranging from academic help to financial aid confusion. Take advantage!

You’ll turn into a zombie. Lack of sleep and a lot on your plate can certainly make you feel like something out of The Walking Dead. That’s why if you’re planning to add an education program into your life, something’s got to give.

Fear not: Be sure that you have plans in place so that you’re not sacrificing sleep for your studies. See how family members can pitch in, and designate a specific time in which you can focus on your schoolwork without interruption.

The tuition vampires will suck you dry. Financial constraints are one of the most common reasons that people put off going back to school. It’s no wonder when you consider how much programs of study cost.

Fear not: To ensure that you aren’t bitten, it’s important to look at the total cost of education beyond tuition (books, fees, transportation, childcare if necessary, etc.), and exhaust all of your financial aid options. There is a lot of financial aid available even for adults, as well as employer-sponsored tuition assistance to consider for starters.

What fears about going back to school keep you up at night?

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