The Twilight Saga’s third book and movie, Eclipse, may seem unrealistic, with its storylines of hot vampires and even hotter teen werewolves. But at the heart of the plot is the idea of making choices after high school graduation that can impact the future.

Maybe you’re a TwiMom proud of your addiction to the books, and it’s bringing back memories of decisions you made as a senior in high school. Maybe love caused you to put other desires ahead of college, like Bella’s main goal of becoming a vampire. Or maybe the idea of attending college wasn’t a choice due to financial or other obstacles.

No matter your reasons or decisions, the great thing is that the option to pursue a college degree is something you can do now, even as an older student.

Since you graduated high school, the options for getting a college education have exploded. Think about it: Even after Bella becomes a vampire, she could get her degree through online programs in everything from history (hey, she used her knack for history to determine that Edward was a vampire!) to criminal justice (maybe she could follow in the path of her dad, Charlie). And that way, she would track down any evil vampires going after her family.

Don’t let past decisions keep you from pursuing a degree now. You’ll want to start with determining your goals, whether it’s landing a new career or trying to get a promotion.

Also realize that more adults are going back to school, too, so you aren’t alone. And if you happen to walk into a classroom and realize you are the oldest student there, just use your Twilight knowledge to connect with the younger students who are fans, too. Maybe they’ll even look up to you for that!

-Lori Johnston

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