Yummy Chocolate-Flavored Career Combinations

Dawn Papandrea | March 14, 2007

chocolateI was at a media conference in Hershey, PA, this past weekend, and I don’t know if it was all the free chocolate or just getting away for a couple of days, but I was fascinated by Milton Hershey’s legacy (and not just the Mr. Goodbars and Kisses, I swear!). Check this out…

With no formal education, Milton went bankrupt several times trying to get into the caramel business. Literally down to his last buck — even after family members mortgaged their homes to help him — an English client put in a giant caramel order, and single-handedly saved him from financial ruin. The reason for this big order? In England, he combined the caramel with chocolate and it was a big Brit hit. Milton still faced “rocky roads” thereafter, but ultimately, this encounter is what inspired him to turn his attention and dedicate his life to chocolate.

Once he was successful, he opened a school for orphans, to give young people educational opportunities that he didn’t have. Today, qualifying low-income students who attend the Milton Hershey school get free room and board, free schooling through 12th grade, a large scholarship to the college of their choice, a brand new wardrobe, and a laptop. Plus the student houses have chocolate milk on tap!

Why do I bring this up? More often than not, people take jobs or enter careers that they later on realize are going nowhere. Some stay put and hope for the best, and others go with their gut and learn how to do something else. Figuring out your passion is not an easy undertaking, but as Milton believed, education certainly helps.

Plus, just like caramel and chocolate (or peanut butter and chocolate, or anything and chocolate, for that matter), you’ll be amazed at how your interests and talents can combine to create a delicious career. Some examples that come to mind…

Technology + Creativity = Web Design or Game Design
Health Care + Criminal Justice = Legal Nurse Consultant
Cooking + Business = Catering Management

Get the idea? It took Milton Hershey a while to discover his passion for chocolate, but once he did, he educated himself on various techniques to perfect his chocolate candy recipe. So take some time to enjoy some free samples (a.k.a. read about various career paths), and pursue an education that’s more satisfying than chocolate. Well, almost…

17 responses to “Yummy Chocolate-Flavored Career Combinations”

  1. Gina says:

    Another “sweet” blog. Now I’m hungry for a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup… and some career rejuvenation. 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    Wow, I never thought about combining careers like that! And I do LOVE chocolate. That’s a really cool metaphor. I’m definitely going to take your smart advice…and maybe run out to buy a Hershey bar…mmmm

  3. It took Milton Hershey a while to discover his passion for chocolate, as it does for anyone searching for their calling. I have interviewed over 75 successful and passionate professionals about their career path, and what I found is that people do not have it all figured out at a young age.

    Discovering your passion is a progressive process. We might take some time to find it, but that time we spend on the journey is preparing us for what is to come.

    Check out how the 75 people I interviewed developed their passion on our site http://www.pursuethepassion.com.

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