Spring Clean Your Career, Sopranos Style

cs insider | June 20, 2013

thesopranos3.jpgEditor’s note: In remembrance of the great actor, James Gandolfini, who passed away yesterday, we wanted to repost this gem from back in 2007. Enjoy…

For those of you looking forward to starting a new career season, take some cues from “The Sopranos”:

Wiretap your aptitude. Can your skills and talents translate into a different line of work? Say you’re a waste management consultant. While that job title might seem totally irrelevant to other professions you want to pursue, you probably gained experience like customer service, employee relations, sales, marketing, and more. Think about what you’ve done and what you’re good at, and then listen carefully to advice on how it can apply to a new career field.

Consider offers you can’t refuse. Perhaps the number one reason for putting off a new job hunt or career change is fear of going broke. Unlike placing bets with the local crime boss, though, investing in education isn’t a foolish gamble. When it comes to adult education, you might be surprised to know that financial aid opportunities are available, from Uncle Sam’s assistance and scholarships, to on-the-job training programs and tuition reimbursement from your boss.

Enter a career protection program. With people currently changing careers over five times in their lives, there’s no reason to feel like a disloyal rat if your first (or second, or third) career stint doesn’t work out. Explore various industries to determine where you’ll be happiest, and don’t look back.

If only Tony would do that…

Photo: Barry Wetcher/HBO

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