Professional Development Goes Online

Robyn Tellefsen | November 9, 2012

professional development courses boost your careerWhether we’re better or worse off than we were four years ago is up for debate (literally!), but one thing’s for sure – we could all use an edge in the workplace. From getting hired or boosting our salary to increasing our job security or advancing in our careers, career success is something we all strive for, but not all of us attain it.

The truth is, if you want employers to invest in you, you’ve got to invest in yourself. And these days, you don’t even have to leave the house to do it. Education programs available through the University Alliance enable you to gain credentials from top-ranked universities – 100 percent online.

The University Alliance facilitates the promotion and online delivery of associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees as well as professional certificate programs from the nation’s leading traditional universities and institutions. It is the largest facilitator of e-learning in the country.

And you wouldn’t believe the kinds of in-demand skills you can acquire online. The fall 2012 Executive Education Online catalog, published by University Alliance, features high-level professional development programs such as Leadership and Management from the University of Notre Dame, Supply Chain Management and Internet Marketing Training from the University of San Francisco, and Corporate Sustainability from the University of Vermont.

Not only that, University Alliance has announced brand new online certificate programs in three of today’s most marketable areas: Lean Six Sigma, Hospitality Management, and Essentials of Business.

  • The ultimate quality improvement professionals, Six Sigma Black Belts utilize a data-driven approach to solving problems and improving business processes, with the goal of reducing an organization’s product or service failure rate to zero. Online certificate programs provide the career skills needed to monitor, control, and improve operational performance in order to enhance efficiency and increase revenue. Villanova University is an exclusive provider of Lean Six Sigma certification online.
  • Hospitality management is an excellent field for level-headed communicators who are calm in crisis and highly sought after for answers to questions or alternative ideas. If the pride and satisfaction of juggling as many challenges are there are rooms is exciting to you, you can gain the skills you need to succeed through Michigan State University’s fully online Management Certificate in the Business of Hospitality.
  • It’s tough to succeed in the workplace without knowledge of business. The University of Florida’s Executive Certificates in Essentials of Business provide practical skills and knowledge in areas of emphasis such as Leadership, Marketing, Human Resources, and Information Technology. You will also be introduced to concepts in economics and accounting, project and process management, business law and ethics, marketing, and more

When you sign up for any one of these courses, you receive instruction through state-of-the-art online technology powered by University Alliance. The online classroom features streaming video lectures with 24/7 access, as well as a variety of interactive tools that connect instructors and students, including two-way voiceover IP, instant messaging, and shared virtual whiteboards.

If you want to give your resume a competitive edge, consider pursuing professional development online. It’s a personal investment that can change your professional life.


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