Five Things Hurricane Sandy Taught Us

Lori Johnston | November 26, 2012

five things hurricane sandy taught usHurricane Sandy’s impact was not just seen in the Northeast, but all around the country as students’ hearts have gone out to those affected. As many are still on the road to recovery, let’s not forget Hurricane Sandy and what it’s taught us. Some of the lessons can apply to college and education as well.

1. Be thankful (even amidst college decision stress).
This time of the year, it may seem as if your entire focus is on making the big decision about balancing college with your job, family, and other activities, and applying to a college or degree program. It’s easy to let the stress overwhelm you, but Hurricane Sandy and seeing the devastation that so many people experienced helps us put things in perspective. We can be extra thankful for the great things we have in our life and realize that the ability to go to college as an option is a blessing.

2. Colleges understand — and want to help.
During the college application process, the feeling of uncertainty may lead you to think that the schools or admissions folks don’t care about you and your happiness. More than 100 colleges have acted to give some leeway on the deadlines for applicants applying from areas harmed by Hurricane Sandy. The National Association for College Admission Counseling has a list of colleges and universities across the U.S. that have extended their admissions deadlines (many apply to students applying for early action or early decision).

3. Your career path could assist those in need.
Seeing video of nurses carrying tiny babies out into the street brought me to tears, and it shows how some professionals are prepared to spring in the action in the event of a disaster like Hurricane Sandy. Working as a nurse or in another health care profession, or pursuing a career in law enforcement, technology (such as being a cable technician), or trades such as HVAC repair and electricians can give you the education and skills you need to assist during storms and disasters.

4. Community spirit rules.
One of the things we’ve seen from Hurricane Sandy is that when a community comes together, it can warm hearts — and get things done. If you’re an adult student, you can become a leader at your schools and move people into action to help with Sandy’s continued cleanup or in the event of future natural disasters.

5. Social media rules, too.
So many of us followed Hurricane Sandy and its impact through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. It was an effective way for students to share what was going on at their campuses, and to get the word out about how to donate money or supplies to help those impacted by Hurricane Sandy. People took to social media by storm, and further proved the power of those sites, which you may be using even more in college.

What did you learn from Hurricane Sandy? Share it with us in the comments section below!


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