Wish List Ideas for Gifts That’ll Make You Smarter

Robyn Tellefsen | December 6, 2012

holiday gift ideas for studentsThis holiday season, instead of filling your wish list with mindless DVDs and other fluffy stuff, why not pack it with products that will boost your brain power? Add these items to your holiday wish list to help you do well in school and at work. I can feel it… you’re getting smarter already.

Math Made Fun
If you’ve ever had trouble doing math in your head, Mathable is for you. Based on the original board game from Wooky Entertainment, the new Mathable app for iPad (iPhone and Facebook apps will launch spring 2013) can help you improve your math skills and have fun at the same time. When the cold weather’s got you stuck indoors, play against the computer in Single mode or against up to three friends with the game’s Multi-Player options. (Mathable Classic, $19.99, amazon.com; download the free Mathable iPad app at iTunes.com)


All the Books You Can Imagine
Books are some of the best means of boosting brain power, and Audiobooks.com allows you to read as much as you want on your favorite devices. Up until recently Audiobooks.com only offered streaming options for their 15,000-plus best sellers and new releases; now, Apple and Android users have the option of downloading or streaming all the content they want for one monthly fee. It’s a holiday miracle. ($29.95/month, audiobooks.com; download free apps at iTunes.com or play.google.com)


Writing in Style
Handwriting is essential to creative expression and productivity, and Pilot Pen provides the tools (and A+ stocking stuffers) to suit any taste. Proven to last two times longer than other gel ink pens, the bold G2 gel ink pen lets you spread twice as much holiday cheer. Or add a touch of holiday magic with the erasable FriXion pen, which uses heat-sensitive ink that disappears with friction. And don’t forget to get on Santa’s “Nice” List with the eco-friendly B2P (Bottle 2 Pen), made from recycled plastic bottles. (G2, $3.71/three-pack, Target; FriXion, $4.00/three-pack, Staples.com; B2P, $5.49/three-pack, Office Depot)


Transferring Your Thoughts Into Type
Sometimes you need a little help expressing yourself – enter voice recognition software. You talk, it types! Dragon software from Nuance Communications can help you quickly and easily transfer ideas from your mind onto paper, making it more likely that you’ll exploit your full language capabilities. Plus, it’s three times faster than typing, and way more fun. Dragon lets you speak to write emails, surf the Internet, update Twitter and Facebook, and command your computer. (Dragon Dictate for Mac, $199.99; Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium Edition for PC, $199.99; nuance.com)

Testing Your Smarts

Spending hours on PlayStation’s newest handheld gaming device, Vita, may not make you smarter – but playing the new PS game Smart As just might. Now you can prove your intelligence with the social brain training game that separates the clued-in from the clueless. Climb the leader boards as you solve logic, arithmetic, observation, and language puzzles and set challenges for those around you. Just make sure your friends give you your holiday gifts before you kick their butts! (Vita, $249 Wifi, $299 Wifi/3G; Smart As, $29.99, playstation.com)


Time-Telling for Geeks
Assuming you mastered the art of telling time back in grammar school, this timepiece enables you to take your abilities to the next level. On this quirky clock, all the numerals have been replaced by their equivalent notation. If you missed your math classes on square roots and factorials, a cheat sheet is included to help you solve the mystery behind the notations. It’s the perfect way to embrace your inner geek and impress your friends and family this holiday season. ($25.00, uncommongoods.com)


A Book for Total Brain Health
If you really want to boost your brain power, try the exercises outlined in the book 30 Days to Total Brain Health. Dr. Cynthia Green, a nationally recognized expert in memory fitness training and president of Memory Arts, LLC, has laid out 30 days of simple tips to boost memory and reduce risk of dementia. Stuff this little book in your stocking, spend 10 minutes a day testing Dr. Green’s body-mind-spirit approach, and you’ll be on the road to better brain fitness. ($11.99, lulu.com)



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  1. Sani says:

    Great post! The book for brain health would be on my wish list! Love the clock for geeks too!
    -Sani @ CollegeFocus

  2. I know; I want that clock!

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