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Gina L | July 13, 2009

If your eyes light up at the thought of working with electricity, then enrolling in an electrician school and starting a new career might be for you! Everyone needs electricity and the demand for electricians is always high, making it one of the professions that is as recession proof as possible.

Turn Yourself on to a New Career in Electrician School
Electricians are responsible for hooking up homes and businesses to the country’s electric grid. They install the wiring, plugs, and fuses that is necessary to make electricity flow. Electricians may focus on homes, or they may be commercial electricians, focusing on businesses, but many do both. Enrolling in one of the electrician schools around the country will give you the skills necessary to do either job.

If focusing on homes and new construction, electricians must use blueprints given to them by the builders. They are responsible for setting all of the boxes, running all of the wires, cables, and switches. They may also coordinate with the electric company to ensure all of the poles and lines are set to turn a customer on. Focusing on commercial projects is not that different, but the jobs may be larger and more complex due to the machinery or technology needed in the building. No matter an electrician’s specialty, they must always follow national safety standards, as well as local code requirements.

One of the many things that electricians love about their work is that it is always taking them to new job sites. They may work indoors or out. Depending on the job, travel may even be involved. Electricians can be self employed, employed by different electric maintenance companies or directly by utility companies.

Electrician school programs will teach students the basics of electricity and its practical applications, how to wire residential, commercial and industrial buildings, as well as instruction in the National Electrical Code. Many electrician school programs are in trade schools and often times, you can begin your electrician school education while still in high school.

Once you complete an electrician school program, you are then qualified to begin an apprenticeship program with a licensed electrician. These apprenticeships generally last four years. Many states require licensure once the apprenticeship is complete.

Electrician Careers Offer a Bright Future

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth in the electrical field is better than average, especially for electricians with a wide array of skills, which can be acquired in electrician school.

Electricians normally enjoy steady employment, although some electricians in the manufacturing and construction industries may experience times of unemployment due to downturns in the economy. However, if you own an electrical business or work in maintenance for individuals or companies, work should remain the same.

The median salary of an electrician is approximately $21 per hour. Electricians owning their own business can make significantly more. Apprentices normally earn about 40 to 50 percent of a licensed electrician.

Turn yourself on to a new career today! Enroll in an electrician school and enjoy the benefits of having a “hot” job!

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