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Gina L | August 14, 2009

Many people believe that a general course of study doesn’t nail down any particular course of study enough and that you will be relegated to taking further courses to help narrow the career field, so to speak. While this might be true for some courses of general study, a general arts and sciences degree should actually open more doors for you, especially if you haven’t quite decided where you will end up in your career.

A degree in general arts and sciences is literally the general study of the liberal arts, which include: arts, history, mathematics, philosophy, science, literature, and language studies. If you are an intellectual person who excelled in many subjects in high school, a degree in general arts and sciences may just be for you.

What kinds of careers can you enter with a degree in general arts and sciences? The more appropriate question may be what kind of career couldn’t you enter with such a broad range of study? You might want to enter education, human relations, communications, sciences, computers, or any number of other careers.

Students who pursue a degree in general arts and sciences will get a well-rounded education that will give them the skills necessary to excel in an ever-changing world. Although now called the general arts and sciences degree, this course of study has actually been around for decades and was formerly known as the “classical education studies.”

Students wishing to pursue a general arts and sciences degree should have at least a high school diploma or GED. Due to the general nature of the degree, many schools also require a high school cumulative GPA in high school of C or higher, showing a rounded skill set in many disciplines. Students may elect to complete an associate’s degree program in two years, or a bachelor’s degree program in four years. More mature students returning to college while working full time might take a longer course of study. They are also evaluated on an individual basis, rather than having their high school GPA evaluated.

Many schools within the United States offer the general arts and sciences degree, giving students the opportunity to complete the degree requirements by attending classes on campus or online through e-learning.

Compute your future with a general arts and sciences degree 
The general arts and sciences degree has such potential to land graduates a job in so many different fields, it is difficult to determine the average rate of pay or the job availability predictions. Graduates with a general arts and sciences degree most typically enter the education field, human relations, communications or computer sciences. Most, if not all of these careers have an average to excellent expectation of job growth within the next decade.

Most employers appreciate the value of a well-rounded education that gives potential employees the skills necessary for teamwork, critical thinking, the ability to solve problems, and written and verbal communication skills.

If you’re looking for a well-rounded liberal arts education that will potentially open doors for you in more than one profession, seek out a school and learn more about the general arts and sciences degree program near you!

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