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Gina L | September 14, 2009

Calvin Klein once said, “The best thing is to look natural, but it takes make up to look natural.” Learning to apply make up so a person is more stunning than they are naturally is truly an art and only those who have attended make up artist school and gained some experience know how to apply make up so the subject does look natural. 

If you’re the person always noticing how women’s make up is applied, or the bridesmaid selected by the wedding party to apply everyone’s make up, then you might be a great candidate for make up artist school. 

This is an exciting career that can lead you to working at high end department store or specialty skin care stores, freelance doing make up for wedding parties and for other special events, or even on the sets of movies or television! The first requirement is having the love and passion for learning about skin care and applying make up. The second is finding a make up artist school near you. 

First, if you’re seeking to primarily learn about make up and how to apply it, cosmetology school is not for you. While the study of skin care and make up is normally part of the curriculum at cosmetology school, this type of education is for people who primarily want to work on hair. To become a certified make up artist, you will need to find a make up artist school near you, or a respected home study program. 

Some make up artists began their careers while in high school while working at department store make up counters, which gives great insight into the industry, as well as providing a salary and many times, commissions based on your sales. If you’re still in high school, you can sometimes dual enroll in a qualified trade school, such as make up artist school while finishing your high school education. 

If you’re out of high school and even if you don’t have experience in the make up industry, it’s never too late to enroll into a make up artist school and begin a new and exciting career as a make up artist. Most schools do require you to have a high school diploma or GED, or pass and entrance exam and go through an interview process. 

Make Up Your Own Future As a Graduate of a Make Up Artist School
You can expect to take up to a few months to a year to finish a program through a make up artist school. In the program, you will learn about make up application, history and trends, as well as tools of the trade and will most likely gain experience on customers of your school or be required to complete an internship program. Most states do not require licensure, but you will have the opportunity to become certified through national organizations to add to your credentials. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for personal appearance specialists, which includes make up artists will grow by 14 percent within the next 10 years. This is faster than average growth for other professions. 

The promise of a rewarding career in a stable industry will have you looking your best – the first step is finding a make up artist school near you or online today! 





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  1. The very first step to becoming a skilled makeup artist is to get the
    education and get licensed, if applicable in your state.

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