Ultraviolent initiative to end campus rapeAs the issues of rape and sexual abuse on college campuses continue to gain national attention, one community of advocates has released new consent ads targeting the important matter.

According to the Center for Disease Control, 19% of undergraduate women experience attempted or complete sexual assault in college. Ultraviolet, an online community of over 500,000 members, are raising important questions and exposing the truths about sexism throughout America.

The ads, which have been described as “racy” and “edgy,” reveal the unfortunate truths about rape and sexual assault and start a discussion about it. The ads, by no coincidence, were released days after California became the first state to pass a “No Means No” Affirmative Consent law.

The Ultraviolet ads intend to specifically target students at schools being investigated for Title IX violations. Title IX protects against acts of discrimination based on sex and gender. Students on these campuses, including Dartmouth, Arizona State, Catholic University of America, Brown, University of Indiana, and others, can view the ads online.

One of the ads features a male student calling his parents from prison after being arrested for rape. The second video explores a pizza deliveryman who explores “Yes Means Yes” consent with a woman to whose apartment he delivers pizza.

Shaunna Thomas, co-founder of Ultraviolet, states, “As we all now know, universities across the country have failed students on campus rape. Together these ads highlight that consent isn’t just sexy–it’s mandatory. We will no longer allow rape on campus to be swept under the rug–even if the rapist is a star athlete or an honors student,” she explains. “It’s time for universities across America to protect the right of women to get an education without risking rape and the subsequent backlash that too many experience when we report. That means pushing for an expansion of ‘Yes Means Yes’ and stopping rape culture on campus.”

For a complete list of schools under the Title IX investigation, visit EndCampusRape.com. The site is part of Ultraviolet’s commitment to fight against campus rape.


One response to “Consent Ads Target Students at Schools Under Title IX Investigation”

  1. Michael Belk says:

    I agree rape needs more attention, especially when a female is made to look like the guilty party to protect a star athlete or when a fraternity’s reputation is more important.

    I get tired of this being swept under the rug and the woman has to live in shame. We are in 2015, this has to stop.

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