Business administration & management personnel help many businesses and organizations run smoothly on a daily basis. Without these professionals and their level of education, organizations would have trouble operating and completing the projects necessary to grow the business. They have a take-charge attitude and strive to be a success. When they succeed, the company and/or organization succeeds too. This is why business administration & management professionals will always be in demand!

What does an administrative services manager do?
Administrative service managers manage an organization’s many support services. There are numerous duties administrative service managers must attend to, including but not limited to managing clerical services, payroll, conferences, receiving and distribution of information, mail, record keeping, and personal property acquisition. There are a limitless number of areas for business administration & management professionals to embrace.
Exact duties vary due to specific management levels and responsibilities. A first-level administrative services manager would supervise support services staff, while mid-level administrative services managers create plans for a company’s departments, set goals and deadlines, design and implement new ways to increase productivity, delegate the tasks for lower-level supervisors, and handle the hiring and firing of personnel. These responsibilities tend to differ in administrative services managers at large and small companies.

An administrative services manager at a small organization could manage all of the support services, but at larger organizations they would report to mid-level managers and mid-level managers would report to those higher up at the company like the director or vice president. Other positions for administrative services managers include contract administrators and facility managers. Contract administrators oversee everything that has to do with contracts from preparation to services. Facility managers manage the building and grounds, including planning and designing as well as managing employees.
How much are administrative services managers paid and what kinds of administrative services manager jobs can I get?
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, pay among administrative services managers can differ based on geographic location, employer, and specialty. In May 2006, the median salary for administrative services managers was $67,690 and the highest 10 percent earned a salary more than $117,610. For those employed by the federal government, the salaries ranged from $63,351 to $74,042.

A large number of administrative services managers hold positions at companies and enterprises, hospitals, state and local government, colleges and universities, professional schools, finance and insurance, technical services, and scientific industries. Other related areas of employment include supervisors and managers of office and administrative support employees, cost estimators, property and real estate managers, purchasing managers, buyers, purchasing agents, and high-level executives. Those seeking employment as top-level managers will have plenty of competition for these positions are limited through 2016, but opportunities are better for lower-level management. The jobs in this industry are expected to grow by 12 percent between 2006-2016 with the strongest demand for facility managers.

Administrative services managers have to be prepared to work more than 40 hours a week and are often on call in case problems should occur.

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