These Careers are Hot, Hot, Hot

Lori Johnston | September 20, 2012

If you’re considering enrolling in a technology, medical or finance degree program, you’re right on track to get the education to fill some of the hottest jobs around.

University of California San Diego researchers released its annual survey of the top 10 hot careers for 2012. The hot jobs study focused on occupations in which an individual with a college degree and some additional education or training, such as a professional education certificate, can qualify for the jobs.

Drumroll, please … the hot jobs are:

1. Software Developers for Systems Software

2. Physical Therapists and Assistants

3. Software Developers/Applications Developers

4. Market Research Analysts/Data Miners

5. Cost Estimators

6. Database Administrators

7. Information Security Analysts

8. Web Developers

9. Computer Network Architects

10. Network and Computer Systems Administration

The researchers looked at the number of jobs currently in the field, the expected growth from 2010 to 2020 and the median wage. It’s also interesting that the research factored in the work environment, everything from time pressure to conflict situations to the amount of time spent dealing with unpleasant or angry people.

Being prepared – by seeing what type of jobs are in-demand – also can help you from getting angry if you find job options are limited. Now’s the time to pursue a degree in these areas so you can be armed with the education and training to fill the needed positions.


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