festivus07_funWelcome to the “Happy Festivus” edition of the Carnival of College Admissions. Whether you’re getting ready to celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or just a few days off from work or school, here’s hoping that you accept this holiday-themed Carnival as our gift to you.

As always, thanks to the bloggers below who participated, and who keep working hard to make each issue a success. And thanks to Mark Montgomery, who plays Santa to us blogging elves, for giving me the opportunity to host.

Without further adieu, merry clicking!

Choosing the Right College (from the “nice” list)

santaChoosing the right college is like choosing that perfect present for your significant other. It can be challenging and fun, but you don’t want to end up making a poor choice that’ll you’ll regret (or have to hear about) for years to come. Consider this your college choice gift guide:

If it’s an actual gift guide you want, don’t miss CollegeBound’s Holiday Gift Guide 2009 at the College – U. Got It? blog. Barbara Bellesi’s fun picks will make you go revise your wishlist — trust me!

Now back to choosing a college…

Sophie Maddox presents some of the benefits of attending a two-year school in her post Community College, I couldn’t have been More Wrong at Sophie’s Blog. Take a look and see if you’ve made some of the same assumptions as she did, before she attended, that is.

“The call to strip higher education of its non-essential elements ignites debate,” says Mark Montgomery in  his Great College Advice blog. His post examines just What is a No Frills Education — you may be surprised to realize that everyone’s answer is different!

Home School College Counselor presents When Should Your Student Visit College Campuses? posted at Home School College Counselor, saying, “When should we begin visiting college campuses? Before you hop in the car or jump on the plane to check out your child’s new home and learning environment over the next four years, a couple of preliminary steps should be taken to save both time, money, and headaches.”

If you’re in the throes of high school, or not too far removed from it, you might relate to Basil‘s The AP Student, which takes a look at this overachieving high schoolers typical day. Check it out at the Teen College Education blog.

“If, as a prospective college student, you believe there is strength in numbers, then you might think about enrolling in an open university,” says Elisha Knackwood. She presents a look at the Top 10 Largest Universities in the World at the College Stats.org blog. You may be surprised at which schools are and aren’t listed.

College Life (like living in the North Pole)

north_pole_mg0233For students who venture off to college, out on their own for the first time, it may feel like they’re living in the North Pole. It can feel very cold at first until they get used to it. Before long, once they get used to the elf-workshop-like training (a.k.a. core classes), college can become the jolliest place on Earth. Here are some tips for the trek:

If ever there was a time to need 40 Money Tips for College Students, it’s now. Jim Wang delivers at the Blueprint for Financial Prosperity blog, saying college students should graduate with more than just a piece of paper. Some financial “cents” would be good, too!

Here at CollegeSurfing Insider, our newest blogger, Lori Johnston, hopes you’ll check out how Tweeting Can Lead to an Internship. The double-edged sword is that there are more online networking opportunties than ever, but it also expands your competition pool. Find out how to stand out.

Most college students who are on their own for the first time could use a little pocket change. But for those with intense studies, it’s a good idea to choose part-time work wisely. Ann presents his picks for the Top 5 Jobs for Students at the AidScholar Blog. See if you agree…

Kathryn Hawkins presents Judge Judy 101? Five of the Weirdest College Courses Around posted at My College Guide, saying, “Five of the most unique college courses available at American universities.”

Financial Aid (or how to outsmart the tuition Grinch!)

GrinchEver feel like there’s a tuition Grinch who wants to take every last cent you have? That’s because your savings account, like the Grinch’s heart, is two sizes two small. Whose isn’t when it comes to hefty college costs? Luckily, financial aid and scholarships can save the day…

“Sometimes it seems like the hardest thing about college is finding the money to pay for it,” says Sandra Proulx. “Education grant money from the government is a blessing for those that qualify but sometimes it is a royal pain in the butt to find out the status of your money.” Learn How to Find Out What’s Going On With Your Pell Grant in her informative post at EducationGrant.com Blog.

I always love reading about the weird and wacky things high schoolers will do for scholarship money.  Allison Johanson offers a few examples in her post, How to: Find & Apply for Weird College Scholarships. Which one is your favorite? Let her know on the How To E-D-U blog.

Matthew Paulson presents some unique ways to Save Money On College Costs at the Fine Tuned Finances blog. From getting paid for your grades to saving on textbooks, you don’t want to miss these tips.

Education Exploration (going on a sleigh ride)

winterphoto sleighrideNot everyone is interested in pursuing a traditional college education. That’s why sometimes it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride through other educational avenues available to build skills and secure a strong career.

“You can avoid recession woes and bad hair days,” says Barbara Bellesi, with  Cosmetology Careers. Learn what it takes to break into this glamorous profession (yes, you’ll be hitting the books!) at the SpaBeauty Blog.

For more careers that doesn’t necessarily require college, but that can be propelled by career education, check out CollegeSurfing’s From Laid Off to Learning blog series. Each week, you’ll meet a new layoff victim who turned to education to open new doors.

That concludes this edition. Now, remember: This is the season of giving! All of these bloggers have given the gift of their college knowledge, so now it’s your turn to give back by sharing this link with your social media friends, subscribing to your favorite blogs above, and sharing some comment love.

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Happy Festivus to all, and to all a good night!

-Dawn Papandrea

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