Welcome to the 6th edition of the Carnival of College Admissions, and the first one hosted here at CollegeSurfing! Thanks to Mark Montgomery, the Great College Advice guru, for passing the torch. I’m under pressure to live up to the first five installments, and so I do my best to present to you: The Six Degrees of College Admissions. I apologize in advance for a blizzard of puns, plays on words, or metaphorical musings.

Nevertheless, December is a huge month in the cool world of college for at least six reasons I can think of:

  1. The most competitive colleges and universities have admissions application deadlines this month
  2. The SAT — every collegebounder’s rite of passage — was this past weekend
  3. Juniors are getting cracking on their research after seeing their frenzied upperclassmen scramble
  4. College students are taking their semester finals and looking forward to winter break
  5. The economic climate has been pretty cold as of late, too, making it primetime to get a jump on financial aid (January is Financial Aid Month!)
  6. Maybe not college-related exactly, but have you noticed it’s getting to be quite nippy, at least in my neck of the woods? In fact, at times, it feels like it’s six degrees outside! Brrrr….

Hence why it’s the perfect time to get warm and fuzzy. First, by thanking all of the wonderful participants featured below, both regulars and newcomers — welcome! And next, by encouraging you, my dear readers, to learn from these great posts as your college admissions process, campus life, or post-graduate world of work heats up. Get clickin’…


** Admissions ** The Long Road to a Degree

Mark Montgomery presents Elements of a Good College Fit, Part One: Academics posted at Great College Advice. “Finding the right college is like finding a good pair of shoes,” he says. “You have to know what you need. You have to know what you like. And you have to take the time to shop around.”

Genevieve Blaber ponders college admissions testing abroad in If Only the SATs Were Held in South Korea, posted at College – U. Got It?. Talk about serious degrees of exam pressure!

While the weather outside might be frightful, the winter holiday can be productive for boarding school students looking ahead to college. Peter Baron’s Holidays Are A Good Time to Work On Private School Applications at AdmissionsQuest explains why.

Wondering how college football is like college admissions? Adam Epstein throws a blog touchdown with this cold-weather sport analogy. Check out College Admissions and the BCS posted at Adamissions.

Get some cold, hard advice when it comes to friends and your college decision from Robin Levinson’s Campus Compare: Dear Babs Q&A blog: Should I make my college selection based on my friends?

Mark Truman won’t leave you out in the cold, confusing world of “too good to be true” college application officers. His post Northern Arizona University’s Personal Advantage Application Is NOT a Scam at Omniac Attack! clears the air and teaches a lesson in how colleges are marketing to you.

To what degree should colleges try to recruit students in the future? Brad J. Ward poses the question, “”Do you need a social media strategy?” in his post Social Media Strategy in Higher Ed at SquaredPeg.com.

Ernest Koe presents another degree of discussion — a great breakdown of Web 2.0 tidbits — on the topic of Social media and school Admissions at edSocialMedia.


** College Life ** Fun and Survival Beyond the Degree

Want to stand out from your college peers in this frozen economy? Dan Schawbel offers expert insight on how to promote yourself online and beyond. Consider this required reading: College Students Require Personal Branding Classes at the Personal Branding Blog.

Don’t hibernate this winter semester or fall victim to the Freshman 15. Instead, feel the burn, says Tom Tessin. Check out his post Exercise and College Students at the FCC Student Blog.

Can you feel the credit crunch chill in the air? College students should warm up to good credit habits now, says Raymond. Click into Why College Students Should Apply For Student Credit Cards posted at Money Blue Book.

“You know that internal alarm that we all too often ignore?” asks Brett J. Callahan. Before you break into a cold sweat, it’s called intuition, and guest blogger Laura Kowalski discusses why every college student needs it here: Intu-what? at 2East: The College Living Blog.

Working toward your degree should include some actual work on campus, says TJ Hanson. You’ll get even more from your college experience, according to his post, On-Campus Jobs for College Students – It’s Not All About Money at The Digital Student Blog.

Six feet under? Khan asks Is the Internship Dead? at the Higher Education and Career Blog. “Despite a small school of naysayers, most career counselors and workplace consultants believe internships are alive and well.”

Craving a game of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Or actually, just some bacon? Hungry college students listen up: Shae‘s offering a big college Cookbook Contest at The Collegiate Gourmet.

Especially for education or psychology majors interested in the cold, hard facts on learning styles, Daniel Willingham presents Education Reporting of Research: Buyer Beware posted at Britannica Blog. “While most teachers progress from easier topics to more advanced ones, that may not always be the best approach, according to a new study.”


** Financial Aid ** Fight the Frigid Pay-for-your-degree Forecast

Christopher Penn, Financial Aid Podcast crunches some chilly numbers for you, and offers lots of smart advice in his post The Coming Financial Aid Crisis, Part 2 in a Series posted at Financial Aid Podcast Free MP3 Internet Radio.

You’ve been accepted, now what? Brandon Mendelson answers the chill-down-your-spine question of how to afford college in Planning For The Financial Aid Crisis posted at The Graduate Student Survival Blog.

Wondering to what degree colleges are feeling the recession? O. Daille Nation-Ashley breaks it down in Credit Crunch – College Challenge posted at CEOmum. Read through for some encouraging news, too!

If financing college is a struggle, why not head to the chilly North? Todd Johnson explores college savings in Canada in A Great Way to Save on the Cost of College posted at College Admissions Counseling.

Winter holidays and gift giving go hand in hand, so don’t miss this unique idea with a college twist. Save Up For College With FreshmanFund’s 529 College Savings Plan Gift Registry posted at Savings Toolbox tells you how to get Aunt Edna and Grandpa Harry to help pay for college.

If you thought financing college was fun, look ahead to Student Loan Options For Graduate Students posted by Don at Student Loan Guru. “With student loan lenders become more strict with their lending requirements, some graduate students are finding their options dwindling.” Chilling, indeed, but this list offers hope.

Like a warm winter coat, government protection for private student loans may be on the way, says the Student Loan Guru in his post, Support for Private Student Loans coming from the US Treasury at Student Loans 101.

When traditional loans don’t cut it, don’t give up on the degree. As Eric says, Try Borrowing from an Innovative Loan Program. Learn more at Dream Strategy.


** The Post-College Grind ** Life and Work After the Degree

Don’t put a freeze on your job hunt just yet. Hiring trends for college grads are still quite toasty, hence my recent CollegeSurfing Insider post, Stop Worrying About Jobs, Young Whippersnappers.

Jessica Daniels from The Fletcher School at Tufts, A Graduate School of International Affairs, delves into the cool-as-ice gigs of former alumni, and how their kids are growing up globally in her post, Second Generation Internationalists. Read closely for a mention of the Carnival’s very own Mark Montgomery!

“Have you graduated from, or will soon graduate from, a degree program? Do you know what you’re going to say in response to job interviewer’s questions?” Put your worries on ice at the Degree Talk Blog with these tips on what NOT to share with your prospective employer: Got your Online Degree? Ready for a Job Interview?

Did you ever sit with a cold stare at your professor, wondering if anything you’re learning is relevant? Dr. Delaney Kirk thinks the answer may surprise you. See why in You’re Really Going To Have To Know This Stuff! posted at Ask-Dr-Kirk.


** Other Cool Stuff ** Not counting the wind chill factor!

How cool are iPhone apps, especially when they have an educational component? Heather Johnson presents Top 50 iPhone Apps for Educators posted at OEDb: Online Education Database.

Which gender do you think is more cool and calculating? Get to the (square) root of the issue in Are Boys Really More Hard-Wired for Math than Girls? posted at Brain Blogger.

If you want to avoid brain freeze, you need to eat brain food. Brigid helps map out a nutritional plan with her post Brain Fitness at New York Public Library. She says: “After attending a recent staff training session offered by the library’s Office of Staff Development, I decided to return to a habit of my childhood — eating sardines.”

Alvaro Fernandez explains “why attention is a critical component of learning” in his post Torkel Klingberg helps with Overflowing Brain & Information Overload posted at SharpBrains. Pretty cool stuff!

“If you’re talented at art, you might want to consider going to an art college,” says A. Lee. Learn how to select a cool art school in the post Why Bother With Art Colleges? posted at eArtFair.com.


Hope you enjoyed the Six Degrees of College Admissions Carnival! Have fun clicking around, and please, share the love: Stumble it, Digg it, Blog it, Tweet it, Share it and help us grow! After all, ’tis the season of giving!

Bloggers, don’t forget to submit a post to the December 24th Carnival of College Admissions, hosted by Mark Truman, using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

Warmest regards,
Dawn Papandrea

15 responses to “Carnival of College Admissions: The Six Degrees Edition”

  1. Dawn,
    This is outstanding. Fantabulous. Excellent bunch of contributors, wonderful range of posts, and very creative and fun presentation. Thanks for making this edition so special! I’m giddy with excitement and gratitude!

  2. As someone whose friends always want me to talk to their high school kids about colleges, application essays, etc., this is a great resource to recommend. Thanks.

  3. Adam Epstein says:

    Hey Dawn, great job with this edition! Glad to see so many great contributions, and I’m looking forward to hosting it myself in a few weeks.

  4. Ditto Dr. Kirk. This is truly an all-in-one blog resources to for just starting to consider their college choices, those in the throes of it (financial aid stress, anyone?!), and everyone in between. Goldmine!

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