Putting Your Best Digital Foot Forward

Jessica Plutchok | September 21, 2015

Studies show that more than 92 percent of job recruiters use social networking sites like LinkedIn to find talent. How do you put your best digital foot forward when it comes time to turn your college pursuits into a career? These tips will have you knocking ‘em dead with the best of them… [Read More]

Testing Job Candidates a New Trend

Lori Johnston | September 10, 2015

Job seekers' skills may need to ace the test to get hired.

In today’s job market, having a college degree is just one component that makes you deemed qualified for a job. But no matter what your resume says about your skills and abilities, you need to be able to show your value to employers. Job candidates need to be prepared to face another level of exams to get hired.

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Cooking Up Careers in Culinary School

Michelle Grossman | September 23, 2013

No matter what college or career training program you attend, it’s wise to introduce yourself to those in your college’s Career Services office. From resume help to internship and job hook-ups, as a student or alumni, you should take advantage of the career resources and support provided.

We caught up with The Culinary Institute of America in New York to get a taste of its career services menu…

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Colleges on LinkedIn: Why You Should Be There, Too

Dawn Papandrea | September 12, 2013

A recent announcement by the social networking giant, LinkedIn, revealed that colleges and universities are now part of the community. But isn’t that the site for professionals who are looking to make career connections, you might ask? Yes, it is, but the new endeavor makes the connection between education and career choice crystal clear.

Here are some other myths that LinkedIn University Pages bust… [Read More]