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You may have heard the term “skills shortage” when it comes to employment trends. That refers to the idea that job openings are out there, but employers are having a tough time finding candidates who actually have the skills and know-how to do the job.

Sure, degrees can open up a lot of doors, but in technical, hands-on fields like IT, employers are showing a preference for career training credentials, as this infographic from Computer Systems Institute illustrates…



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Colleges on LinkedIn: Why You Should Be There, Too

Dawn Papandrea | September 12, 2013

A recent announcement by the social networking giant, LinkedIn, revealed that colleges and universities are now part of the community. But isn’t that the site for professionals who are looking to make career connections, you might ask? Yes, it is, but the new endeavor makes the connection between education and career choice crystal clear.

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Car shoppers out kicking tires or vehicle owners who need everything from routine oil changes to more serious repairs all are helping fuel the automotive industry. The growth of automotive jobs also may help you rev up your job search and pursuit of education to help you land a job in the industry. [Read More]

Spring Clean Your Career, Sopranos Style

cs insider | June 20, 2013

Editor’s note: In remembrance of the great actor, James Gandolfini, who passed away yesterday, we wanted to repost this gem from back in 2007. Enjoy…

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