10 Interesting College Commencement Speakers

Lori Johnston | May 31, 2013

Grads hear from President Obama, Oprah, the Dalai Lama, and more during commencement.

It’s a great year to be a grad. At commencement ceremonies across the country, celebrating graduates will sit back and hear from some of our country’s most powerful — and popular — people.

From President Obama to the founder of Twitter (read more on our MyEducation blog) to actresses, actors, authors, and athletes, the star-studded lineup of speakers commencement a hot ticket for some folks. Some schools are providing live streams of the speeches, too.

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Amazing Things Can Happen to You at College

Lori Johnston | March 26, 2013

Seven ways students can have once-in-a-lifetime experiences at college.

What you learn in the classroom is only part of your college experience. Amazing things can happen to college students, with some once-in-a-lifetime events creating memories and even giving individuals their 15 minutes of fame.

Here are seven amazing things we’ve seen happen to college students.

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Spring Clean Your School Space

Robyn Tellefsen | March 23, 2012

spring clean your college dorm room

Spring is here, which means it’s time to blow away the dust bunnies that have accumulated over the winter months and clean up. There’s just something refreshing and rejuvenating about studying in a clutter-free environment, don’t you think? When you’re schooling from a home office – however makeshift it may be – it’s critical to ensure your space is comfortable and well-organized. Check out our picks for fun products to aid you in the quest to spring clean your school space. [Read More]

going back to college after dropping out

Perhaps you got married or started a family. Maybe you didn’t get enough financial aid, or you couldn’t keep up with your schoolwork in addition to job responsibilities. Or perhaps you had a bad semester, you didn’t have clear direction and goals for your education and your career, or you just didn’t feel like college was worth your time and energy.

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