Considering getting your associate degree at a community college? A new study finds that first step for college students — attending a two-year school — could help you be successful attaining a bachelor’s degree as well.

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Job Outlook for College Grads

Robyn Tellefsen | June 25, 2012

job outlook for new graduates

We may still be working our way out of a recession, but the job outlook for college grads is not as dreary as it may appear.

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It takes a special person to work in the field of law enforcement. Keeping people safe and responding in emergencies require people to sacrifice time with their family and put themselves in the line of fire on a daily basis.

Working in law enforcement can be rewarding, from the altruistic aspect, but also in terms of career advancement. Schools with criminal justice programs want to help individuals who envision a lifelong career in law enforcement to get the career training they need to move up the ranks.

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On medical focused shows, like “Grey’s Anatomy,” minority characters have key roles and show the increased focus on making sure minorities are represented in the medical field.

The health care field is ripe with opportunities, and a recent not-so-small donation is just one example of efforts to encourage minority students to work in medicine.

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