Five Things Hurricane Sandy Taught Us

Lori Johnston | November 26, 2012

five things hurricane sandy taught us

Hurricane Sandy’s impact was not just seen in the Northeast, but all around the country as students’ hearts have gone out to those affected. As many are still on the road to recovery, let’s not forget Hurricane Sandy and what it’s taught us. Some of the lessons can apply to college and education as well.

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Let’s call them Tweetscoops. Lady Gaga recently used Twitter to share the name of her upcoming album, ARTPOP, and George Michael let the word out on Twitter that he would be performing at the Olympic Games Closing Ceremony.

They’re not the only folks sharing big news on Twitter, which circulates by “bird of mouth.” Some schools already are using Twitter to provide minute-by-minute updates about weather closings, crime situations on campus, admission deadlines, and other information.

But if more professors start using Twitter to make major announcements, students could see it happening in these ways:

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