Dear Santa: Adult Learners’ Holiday Wishes

Lori Johnston | December 22, 2011

My 5-year-old son’s letter to Santa this year includes Legos, Green Lantern and Batman action figures, and something to play Angry Birds with (instead of always asking for my iPhone). For him, my wish for Santa is that he continues to learn to spell, read, and develop a strong work ethic in kindergarten through his future school years.

If adult learners made a list for Santa, there’s six things we think would be great wishes for Santa (and we’d give him extra cookies and coffee to keep him caffeinated on Christmas Eve, too!).

1. Faster Internet access
Whether you’re taking online classes or trying to do online research, there’s nothing more frustrating for an adult learner than being bogged down by a slow Internet connection. Or worse, when there’s no Internet at all, due to tech problems in your home, office, or a coffee shop, or storm outages.

2. A tablet
The high-tech movement is evident in education. A tablet can be easier to tote than a laptop if you’re going to class or work, and there’s the option to sync information between computers and tablets, and a ton of apps that can help with taking notes and test prep. iPads and other tablets are pricey, so no being naughty this year – you want to be on Santa’s good side. Tablets and e-readers like the Kindle and Nook also can make it more affordable to buy digital textbooks, newspapers, magazines, and other required reading for school.

3. Peace in the house
Peace on earth is a big wish, but some peace and quiet in your home is necessary as you’re studying for tests or finishing up assignments on deadline. If that seems impossible, maybe Santa can help provide a babysitter for those times when you need to be secluded and studying, away from the kids.

4. Time
Santa’s the ultimate multi-tasker, placing presents under trees around the world in the span of one night. Adult students have the same tough task – trying to fit in studying, working, caring for family, and other activities – in their schedule. The gift of time would be incredible. As you enter 2012, you could take another look at your schedule to see ways you can pare down activities or prioritize so that school doesn’t suffer from the lack of time in your life.

5. Instant knowledge
Being able to master tough concepts in your subject area and quickly grasp the information you need in required classes leading up to your major would be incredible. Until those abilities are possible, adult learners will need to continue to prioritize time to study do required reading, work ahead on projects, and ask plenty of questions to ace the class.

6. A frame
For your diploma, of course!

Happy and merry holidays to all!

-Lori Johnston

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