Follow Dr. Seuss' advice for deadling with failure and creating success

The rush of applying for college, then once you’re in a class, giving your all for test preparation, the finishing paragraphs on an essay, the final pieces in a class project. Yes, it’s normal to feel like crying from exhaustion after those big moments each semester.

But forget sobbing after sending off the college application, or after walking outside of the classroom or signing out of an online test. Embrace this saying, and the old Monty Python tune and always look on the bright side of life.

Go on, smile! Break into a grin. Maybe even crank up some music and do a happy dance. Recognize that your achievements are worth a smile and so much more.

That is what is so wonderful about pursuing a degree and going back to school. You know there will be ups and downs as a college student, especially if you are juggling work, school, family, friends, and activities in the community.

But giving into the tears that can arise out of stress and frustration in your college journey will take your focus off the incredible steps you’re taking to move forward in your career path and reach personal goals,

Now’s the time to stop and smile because of what has happened so far in your life and college journey.

Sent off an application? Smile.

Applied for scholarships, loans, and grants to pay for college? Smile.

Enrolled in that first class? Smile.

Finished your first semester (or more)? Smile — you deserve to!


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