iPad Envy? A Tech Career Could Be Yours

Lori Johnston | April 14, 2010

If you can’t wait to get your hands on an iPad, have you thought about working in the tech world?

Maybe your goal  to work for Apple or get a job with a tech company in your town. Or maybe you desire to be promoted into a more exciting position with your current employer and help create an innovation that pushes the boundaries of everything we know about computers, cell phones, and technology.

Here are two Apple executives who are doing just that:

Jonathan Ive: Time magazine calls him the “style guru.” Ive, a London-born designer, leads Apple’s design team, so he’s part of the reason why the Apple products look so sleek and cool. His education was overseas, with a bachelor of arts and an honorary doctorate from Newcastle Polytechnic, an art school in Northeast England.

Phil Schiller: Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide product marketing helps generate the buzz for the iPad, iPad, iPhone, MacBook and other Apple products. So where did he go to school? Schiller graduated with a bachelor of science degree in biology from Boston College, in 1982.

Apple and other technology companies also employ engineers, information technology professionals, software engineers, Web designers, project managers, graphic designers, attorneys and paralegals, human resources managers, database management professionals, and more.

If you desire to be part of the latest technological innovations, businesses of all sizes have their hands in the future of technology. And pursuing a degree from a technology school or one of these other fields could be just the start for you.

-Lori Johnston

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