Whether you have the “luck of the Irish” or not, it’s possible for you to make your own career luck by pursuing education in a field that excites you.

Yes, having a job these days if something to be proud of, with so many layoffs that have caused people to head back to school.

But if you dread going to work or are no longer getting the job fulfillment you desire, you can do something about it.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here are three steps to get out of a career rut and onto a new path. And maybe it will be profitable just like that mythical pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!

1. Research potential jobs and what degrees are needed.

If you’re bored in your current situation, look at what better paying and more fulfilling jobs may be on the horizon for you with a look at FindTheRightJob.com’s commentary about CareerBuilder.com’s top careers for 2015. Topping the list: marketing executives, industrial engineer, web developer, and more.

Maybe a job that pops up on that list is something that’s always been in the back of your mind, like being a sales manager or registered nurse, and seeing those professions on the list could fuel your desire to go back to school https://www.canadianpharmacyon.com/product/xanax-alprazolam/.

2. Find a program that fits your schedule.

Online programs are growing in number, and you’ll also find programs that offer only weeknight or weekend classes, allowing you to stay in your job while getting the education you need for your new career.

And even the length of the program is something to consider. Some career fields only require short-term study to break into them.

And some schools have created programs specifically for certain age groups, like women over 30, and single moms.

3. Look into financial aid sources.

The government offers an overview of things non-traditional students should consider about college and an overview of the financial aid options. If you’ve been laid off, you can continue to collect unemployment benefits if you’re pursuing college and vocation programs and receiving federal and state aid, USA Today says.

As you join the St. Patrick’s Day celebration today, remember to make your own career luck, too!

-Lori Johnston
Additional reporting by Delaney Young

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