More Jobs, More Pay Possible For 2011 Grads

Lori Johnston | April 14, 2011

Donning that cap and gown soon? Here’s another reason to smile: Your chance of getting hired is greater than those who earned their degrees last year.

The good news comes from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, whose recent survey found that employers plan to hire 21 percent more recent college graduates this year than they did in spring 2010. That’s up from a 13.5 percent increase in college hiring that employers said back in August they expected.

Maybe you’re seeing more recruiters on campus, a sign of hiring activity. And if you get an offer, it might be more than your friends were being offered last year. Pay is rising, with the average salary for all 2011 graduates at $50,462, up 5.9 percent from last year, according to NACE’s Spring 2011 Salary Survey.

Engineering majors are going to have a better chance of finding a high-paying job upon graduation. The National Association of Colleges and Employers’ Spring 2011 Salary Survey reported that the 10 top-paid majors for the class of 2011 were:

Chemical engineering
Average salary offer: $66,886

Computer science
Average salary offer: $63,017

Mechanical engineering
Average salary offer: $60,739

Electrical/electronics & communications engineering
Average salary offer: $60,646

Computer engineering
Average salary offer: $60,112

Industrial/manufacturing engineering
Average salary offer: $58,549

Systems engineering
Average salary offer: $57,497

Engineering technology
Average salary offer: $57,176

Information sciences & systems
Average salary offer: $56,868

Business systems networking/telecommunications
Average salary offer: $56,808

Now that you’ve gotten the encouraging news, do something about it! Pursue jobs and network with potential employees knowing that many are on the lookout for well-educated workers to help their companies grow.

-Lori Johnston

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