First public NJ university to offer test-optional college admissionsMore and more schools are finally agreeing that the score you get on a standardized test does not necessarily define how successful you will be at a college or university. In fact, one more school just made the decision to join the growing number of colleges and universities that have implemented a SAT/ACT test-optional policy. On July 29th, Montclair State University became the first public higher-level institution of education in New Jersey to promote this admissions process.

Starting this school year, course selection and GPA will have the most importance for Montclair State’s undergraduate admissions review. The school will consider SAT/ACT

University President Susan A. Cole explains: “The University has verified that the most powerful predictor of college success is a student’s performance in high school and, in particular, the high school GPA and the rigor of the courses taken. We have found that a student’s high school GPA is three times as powerful as the SAT for demonstrating a student’s likely performance at Montclair State.”

Nationwide, more than 800 schools have test-optional policies, including Wake Forest University, University of Arizona, and George Mason University.

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