will a college degree help you?

So Will a College Degree Get You Ahead, Or Not?

will a college degree help you?Conflicting reports are making our heads hurt this morning. After all, how do you react when you hear that nearly half of recent college grads work in jobs that require less than the college degree they worked so hard (and spent so much) on? That’s the state of the current job market, according to a new student by the Center for College Affordability and Productivity (CCAP).

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getting an A

Start College With These “A’s” Up Your Sleeve

getting an AIf going back to school is on your to-do list this year, youíre not alone. Research by Franklin Covey indicates that education has been a growing resolution among adult Americans over the past decade, and is one of the top resolutions for 2013. If you want to make your back-to-school resolution a reality this year, start by taking some A+ advice compiled by experts at Brandman University, a private, nonprofit university providing on-campus programs throughout California and Washington, and online degree programs across the United States.

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make more money, go to school

Make More Money, Go Back to School

make more money, go to schoolIf youíve been out of the education game for a while, going back to school as an adult can be a hard sell. Maybe youíve heard that the learning experience is amazing, but you canít imagine taking time out of your already busy schedule to pursue a degree. Or perhaps youíre doing just fine with the job you have and you donít want to rock the boat. But the latest statistics on the financial benefits of higher education might change your mind.

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Resolve to Make These New-Year Money Moves to Pay for College

Are you worried about paying for college? Coming up with the cash to pay for attend college can be overwhelming, but here are some key ways for you to find some funding and save for your future education. If you’re making New Year’s resolutions, consider adding one or more of these to your list — we’ll be cheering you on!

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Make 2013 the Year You Return to College

At some point before the end of the year, letís take a breath and reflect on what you want to accomplish come 2013. If you havenít yet earned your bachelorís degree, this could be your year to return to college, and bachelor’s degree completion programs could provide valuable assistance.

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How Hard Is Nursing School?

nursing schoolNursing school isn’t easy, nor should it be. There’s a lot to learn to become a nurse, and you don’t want to enter such a demanding career without adequate preparation. Just how difficult you find nursing school, of course, depends on you.

Choosing a Nursing Program
A major factor in the difficulty of nursing school is which nursing program you choose. To become a nurse, you can earn a diploma, associate degree, or bachelor’s degree in nursing. It may seem that the longer the program, the more difficult it is, but one-year nursing programs can be especially challenging because a lot of information is crammed into a short amount of time.

Surviving the First Year of Nursing School
The first year of nursing school is often designed to be the hardest so that only the strongest, most motivated students make the cut. Nursing schools must produce graduates who can pass the licensing exam, so instructors are responsible for separating the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

Mastering Math in Nursing School
If math is not your strong suit, you might have a hard time with the numbers you need to master before you can become a nurse. You may not have to do complicated calculations in your job, but you will be administering medicine, so you should know at least enough math to give appropriate dosages.

Utilizing Technology in Nursing School
Medical records are going digital, which means you must be completely comfortable with entering and retrieving data from the computer rather than just reading a bedside chart. Remember that practice makes perfect: The more time you spend familiarizing yourself with electronic records now, the better off you’ll be once you become a nurse.

Maximizing Your Time in Nursing School
Instead of becoming overwhelmed with the volume of material to be learned in nursing school, try to work smarter, not harder. Prioritize your schoolwork, determining which tasks are the most important, and budget your time accordingly.

Taking Nursing School Tests
As a rule, nursing exams are not easy. Written tests prepare you for the state board exam, which you’ll need to pass in order to get your nursing license. And skills tests are graded strictly because if you can’t get it right in nursing school, you’ll never get it right on the job. Whether you’re being tested on making a bed, starting an intravenous line, or inserting a urinary catheter, you’ll need plenty of practice during nursing lab hours to perform your duties like a pro.

Nursing school, like anything else, is what you make it; no one can tell you what your personal experience will be like. But with a little sacrifice and lot of hard work, you can succeed in nursing school – no matter how hard it may be.

scholarships for career changers

Scholarships for Career Changers

scholarships for career changersYesterday’s Christmas wasn’t just for kids, and neither is financial aid. As we head into ďfinancial aid season,Ē itís the perfect time to get inspired and encouraged by all the free money available. Whether youíre a career college student, a career changer, a mom, or just an adult looking for some help funding your higher education, sneak a peek at some of the scholarships that await you.

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