Report: Starting Salaries Not Too Shabby

Dawn Papandrea | July 17, 2009

On average, new grads are making almost $50k right out of college — not too shabby in this down economy of ours, right? I know I certainly would have been thrilled with that kind of “first job” salary offer back when I graduated. Here are the deets…

NACE’s [National Association of Colleges and Employers] Summer 2009 Salary Survey report shows that the average starting salary offer for new college graduates now stands at $49,307. That’s off less than 1 percent from the average $49,693 that 2008 graduates posted last year at this time…

Seems like a good sign that things may be on the upswing. Of course, job openings may be a little harder to come by, which means that grads need to work slightly harder to edge out their competition.

Start with these tactics:

Grads: We want to hear from you! Tell us about your job hunting experience, and if you’ve been happy with salary offers.

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