If you’re a dad or mom back in school – or considering going to college – beware that little eyes may be watching you.

You may be hearing your kids ask when you’re going to get off the computer or home from class because they’re missing time with you. But those sacrifices you are making by investing in your education also can provide valuable lessons for them, too.

One of my mom friends, who is seeking her bachelor’s degree online, recently shared over coffee that her sons were connecting her college experience to their own lives. So with insight from adult learners, here are three things your education can do for your kids.

1. Demonstrate commitment.

My mom friend, Shari King, was talking to one of her sons recently about signing up for football and trying to emphasize that he needed to be committed to the practices and games throughout the season. He told her: It’s like you are committed to school, right? In that one conversation, Shari recognized that the long hours she’s putting in can be beneficial in helping modeling commitment to her kids.

2. Provide for their future.

Investing in a college degree – even when there are babies in the house – can pay off by putting you in the position to head back to work when they are in school. With an extra paycheck coming in, that will help pay for everything from back to school clothes to saving for college for them.

3. Create an environment that embraces homework.

As your kids see you doing your college course work, they may be more likely to focus on their homework too. Also, with you being in a school frame of mind and in homework mode yourself, it may make it easier for you to help them with their schoolwork after they get off the bus or home from daycare.

See, there are many benefits to going back to school as a non-traditional student, especially as your family sees the time and energy you’re putting into getting that degree!

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