It takes a special person to work in the field of law enforcement. Keeping people safe and responding in emergencies require people to sacrifice time with their family and put themselves in the line of fire on a daily basis.

Working in law enforcement can be rewarding, from the altruistic aspect, but also in terms of career advancement. Schools with criminal justice programs want to help individuals who envision a lifelong career in law enforcement to get the career training they need to move up the ranks.

Saint Leo, one of the nation’s top criminal justice universities, is helping adult learners transition from being a police officer on patrol to administrative roles in law enforcement. It’s doing so by bringing training to local law enforcement agencies, helping people and sheriff’s and police departments save money, as well as offering courses online or at its campus about 30 miles north of Tampa.

Saint Leo’s command school program for law enforcement personnel is a two-semester program comprised of six courses taught by former FBI, police department, sheriff’s office, and military personnel with extensive experience. The courses are eligible for undergraduate or graduate credit, whether you’re pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in criminal justice.

Spring courses focus on critical incidents in criminal justice, legal issues in criminal justice administration, and leadership applications. Fall courses are offered in media relations and ethical issues in criminal justice, organization and administration, and organizational design and function.

It’s vital that individuals working in law enforcement keep up-to-date on the latest crime trends and to learn to work and response faster and more efficiently. Our lives may depend on the skilled assistance of law enforcement personnel, and investing in training from colleges and universities can pay off in protecting Americans.

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