Every summer, my TV is constantly tuned into Wimbledon, where with every serve, volley, and amazing backhand, I am amazed by how important the medical staff is to the players battling to win the championship.

Some matches are paused as players seek help of trainers to diagnose problems and give them the medical help they need to make it through each game, set and match.

In defending champion Rafael Nadal’s match Monday, he called for a trainer, who taped his left foot and give him cream to help with the pain, and then he went on to beat Juan Martín del Potro to make it to the Wimbledon quarterfinals. Nadal got an MRI exam on his foot to determine the severity of the injury, a procedure that requires the expertise of a radiology technologist.

There’s not only the physical strain when playing tennis, but mental strain in often evident when playing solo or communicating with a partner. Even viewers can feel mentally and emotional exhausted after seeing favorites such as the Williams sisters and Andy Roddick lose or watching intense matches. Sports psychologists can be beneficial to players, whether they’re at the height of their career or not living up to expectations, or just needing to control their outbursts (remember Serena Williams’ profanity-filled tirade against a lineswoman at the 2009 U.S. Open?).

Other professionals, such as chiropractors, massage therapists and physiotherapists, also can make up a tennis players’ entourage or be used by players at tournaments. Of course, it’s not just for tennis but all other sports, where the medical profession is a key behind-the-scenes member of the team.

As you’re considering job choices, realize how choosing the health care industry is not only leading to jobs in hospitals and doctors offices but in active settings where immediate attention often is needed. For tennis players at Wimbledon, the medical assistance can be a factor in dominating opponents in this summertime Grand Slam event.

-Lori Johnston

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