Your social media could cost you your dream jobDid you know that every two in five employers admit to scanning job applicants’ Facebook profiles to determine their decision in the hiring process?! No lie! According to a survey of 2,303 hiring managers, almost 40% say they utilize social networking sites to background-check prospective employees. Wouldn’t you love a way to quickly find and eliminate those incriminating status updates? Well, now you can…

Social Sweepster, a new app that digs up any inappropriate social media profiles, may only be in private beta launch right now, but it’s welcomed 10,000 beta reviewers to some – let’s say, interesting – results! The app uncovers photos and status updates with a potentially vulgar substance and then gives user the decision to keep or delete them with the touch of a finger. Think of it as an instant online reputation-killing killer!

Heed this warning from the company’s CEO and Founder Tom McGrath: “College students and recent graduates are at the highest risk for unwanted material surfacing on the Internet. “To minimize that risk, Social Sweepster features facial recognition technology that can pinpoint not only tagged but untagged pictures datig back to 2005. It then assesses the danger from items in the photograph such as alcohol, drugs, etc. Next, any status updates, comments, or tweets are checked and organized, allowing users to review a report in categories from high- to low-threats that they can then hide, report, or untag themselves. This app can also be used with Google Reverse Image to see

“We created Social Sweepster to be a tool that safeguards against employers and recruiters looking to locate proof of poor decisions made in the past,” explains McGrath. Yeah, we like this guy, too!

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