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Types of Schools

Choosing a school to begin with is tough enough, but with all the choices out there how can you find the one that is most suitable to what you need? Should you attend a Christian college? A four-year university? A two-year community college? And in what state do you want to attend? The possibilities may seem endless but there's certainly a school out there just for you. In order to make the most informed decision, check out all the different types of schools that exist out there and get going on the application process!

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College Life By State: A-F

If you're eager to study in Alaska, Alabama, Boston, California, Florida or another state from A-F, take a peek into our College Life By State hub for those very areas.

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College Life By State: G-L

Whether you're gearing up for a university in Georgia, or eager to take a look at what Louisiana colleges have to offer, College Life By State is where you want to be.

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College Life By State: M-R

From Mississippi in the south to Rhode Island in the northeast, College Life By State will give you an up-close-and-personal look at colleges in the nation.

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College Life By State: S-W

Want to know more about Washington colleges? What about taking a tour of Tennessee campuses? Then look no further than College Life By State.

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Cool Colleges & School Profiles

From cool schools and campus happenings, to hot dorm trends and wacky college traditions, get a glimpse of what goes on at some of the nation's top colleges and universities.

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Featured School of the Week

Get an inside look at the colleges and universities you're interested in.'s Featured Schools of the Week spotlight articles, combined with our College Profiles, offer you a complete snapshot at where you could be spending your academic future!

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