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College Waitlists and Rejections

We won't lie; getting rejected or wait-listed by your top college choice isn't fun -- but it isn't the be-all and end-all of your budding college career. Check out these articles about dealing with disappointment, fighting to get accepted, and turning a second-choice school into the best thing that happened to your education. There's even advice when to stay on a waitlist and when to appeal a rejection.

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Coming in Second

If you have your heart set on a particular college program and get rejected from the school, don't feel too discouraged. Coming in second isn't so bad.

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Playing the Waiting Game

What do you do when you've been wait-listed at your first-choice school? Consider these waiting list words of wisdom, straight from college admissions officers and experts.

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Is it Worth the Wait?

When it comes to the waitlist game, do you know when to hold and when to fold? Here's some advice for coming out on top no matter what you decide.

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Appealing a Rejection From Your Dream College

When Nick Weber was rejected from the University of California, he didn't let that stop him. Read on to see why you shouldn't let a rejection letter end your college dreams either.

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Second Choices Aren't Always Second-Rate

The dreaded thin envelope I received from NYU was only the beginning of what would be a life-changing journey. I had to reevaluate both my commitment to film and the benefits of a broader college education. And, as with any college admissions letdown, it helped to realize that I wasn't alone...

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