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College Technology

Cool gadgets and new technology that are helping students get information, do research, study, and get into college. From iPods and laptops in the classroom to online learning and texting professors, it won't be long before college technology makes the days of notebook and pen a thing of the past.

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Tech Explosion

Find out how the latest technology can be your ticket to staying on top of your game in college.

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Podcasting about Financial Aid

Podcasting about financial aid and college cash is the in thing.

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Make a 10-Minute Movie in Two Days

Think you could make a movie in a week? How about just 48 hours? That's all the time film students had to work on their entries for Project Pioneer 2880, an extreme DVD-making competition sponsored by Long Beach, CA-based Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.

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How Connected Is This Campus?

What makes a college wired, and what makes it a wannabe? Here are some easy tips for figuring out how tech-savvy your prospective college really is.

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Manage Time the Techie Way

Think you'll be overwhelmed by college? Think again. These hi-tech strategies will help keep you up-to-date on all your assignments and projects.

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Campus Safety Systems on High Alert

In the aftermath of the Virginia Tech shootings last April, higher education officials have been forced to face the urgent need for timely, institution-wide communication to promote campus safety.

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How Twitter and Facebook Are Fueling Classroom Learning

It's no surprise that high school and college students spend a bulk of their time texting and tweeting. But who would have thought that social media like Twitter and Facebook would make its way into the classroom -- as an invited guest, no less?

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