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Fun (And Helpful) Quizzes

Learn about college -- and yourself -- with these fun quizzes.

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Are You Hung Up on High School or Ready to Take the College Plunge?

Just how ready are you for the college admissions process and all that goes with it? Before you start your applications, take this test and see for yourself.

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Are You Nerd Material?

Do you have what it takes to hit the books and score that A? Find out with this quiz...

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What Kind of Party Person are You?

Are you about to major in partying? We here at the CollegeBound Network, certainly hope not! Take this quiz and make sure you're on the right track...

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Are You College Application Smart?

Are you ready for the college applications process? Test yourself -- and get some valuable tips -- with this true/false quiz.

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Will Doubt Dictate Your College Decision?

Making that final college decision is hard, but don't let your self-doubt call the shots. Take this quiz to learn how much your uncertainty influences crucial conclusions like whether to go to school and where.

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Which College Animal Are You?

How well do you know yourself? Take this quiz to gain insight into your inner "animal."

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Am I Going to Graduate College?

Will you be able to balance the demands of college work with your budding social life? Take this quiz to assess how well you'll do and what steps you can take to improve your scheduling habits.

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