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True Tales of Student Loans

Attending college should be a step toward future opportunities. But have you ever considered that going to college might potentially ruin your future career? Read these student loan nightmares to avoid your own debt disaster.

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School Yourself on Student Loan Options

No matter your financial situation (unless you're super rich, that is), there's a good chance a portion of your education will be financed by student loans. Guess now is a good time to school yourself on the student loan lowdown, huh?! Here's a breakdown of loan types to get you started...

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A Loan De-Briefer You Can Understand

Before you sign anything that will cause financial frustration in the future, take CollegeBound's crash course in college cash borrowing and financial aid.

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Average Student Loan Debt Continues to Rise

According to a recent report on student debt by, the average amount of debt a college graduate will have is $23,000.

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